In 2 days I will be in Australia, breathing in the familiar air and absorbing the broad accents of home. I can picture the dry earth, gangly eucalypts and somewhat more casual dress of the people, more accustomed to endless sunshine than months of drizzle. What I can’t imagine is whether it’s going to feel more like a home-coming or a holiday. A homliday?
However, the more I think about it, I realise that what I think of as the most yearned for aspect of the trip is seeing family and friends, who are home in one way or another.

The past week has flown past, in a mix of teachers tactlessly making a joke about Putler (Putin + Hitler) in front of a Ukrainian who supports Putin, watching a live-streamed interview with Hilary Mantel and for the most part preparing for the oncoming trip. As such my mind is casting itself forwards rather than backwards, which makes for a brief update. Short and sweet, is what I hope readers will take out of it.

I feel as though ever minute is being ticked off a list at the end of which is our arrival, tired and relieved, at the Perth airport.

There goes another minute, and another, and another.

Sunset in the hills

Sunset in the hills