The holiday ends

With rain and a number of mishaps, the weekend has ended and with it the break as we settle in. Now it’s work, study, the reasons we came here and all we’d told ourselves we’d get into.

Yesterday it began, with my partner going off to work, meeting new people and those he’d met before and finding out just what he’d travelled across the world to do. 

For myself it was investigating language classes, IDs and all the other things I’d decided would fill my days. The ideal of getting into study, writing, violin and regular runs in the forest still needs some foundations laid, though it’s very tempting to wander around the forest for hours. 

Yesterday I went for a short visit, to scope out paths for future runs, and encountered a squirrel and an old wall. Perhaps not old, it was difficult to tell without archaeology skills, of which I have none besides those picked up from Elizabeth Peters novels. Moss covered, tumbling apart and running along the side of a shallow valley.

Wall in the forest


Further exploring revealed no answers, though it was a very lovely place, and I did find out that I am exactly as stealthy as those characters in films that run off into the forest and are eaten by the resident monster/bear/wolf pack/T Rex/serial killer. More practice is required. The squirrel could tell I was one of those types, I think, as it was very insistent that I go away, lest I draw the monsters to it’s tree. At least I assume that was what the foot-stamping, glaring and chattering carry on was about. 

An indignant squirrel

I mentioned in my previous post that this is a cycling city, designed with paths and prioritising cyclists. Yesterday I was able to ascend the pecking order, and it makes sense now. Of course everyone should give way to cyclists! With my partner on his new, beloved bike and myself on one of the hop-on-hop-off bikes that litter the city, we trundled through the streets, past crowds outside a stadium, trams and many other cyclists. Either due to the small size of Göteborg or the quality of the paths, we crossed the city in no time, and were able to sit in a restaurant by the harbour to watch the sun set. Later today I will hopefully have my own cykel. More on that in the next update.

Göteborg harbour in the evening

Today I have given myself a number of tasks to complete, but as with yesterday, the temptation to continue the holidaying and procrastinate is very strong. Will power! 

For the moment at least I have tea, silence from the amusement park, I Giorni by Einaudi playing in the background and washing to put in the drying room in 5 minutes.