On the lack of posts

Weekly readers may have noticed that my record of one post per week has tailed off recently. If you were concerned that I had gotten lost in the forest, lost the use of my fingers in a freak wildlife incident or was otherwise incapacitated, worry no longer. I’m fine. I am, if this is even a word, overcapacitated.

My hopes of getting more work and being busier were answered by whatever gods see to that and so for the last two weeks I’ve been rushing around teaching English all over the place. What began as a trickle of inquiries a month ago turned into a torrent, and though I don’t know why it all happened at once I hope whatever caused it continues.
Sadly this has meant my blogging has been pushed back, week after week, even though ideas for posts bubble away and hang around untyped. Typing an explanation for the lack of posts doesn’t seem to me to count as a topic, though I figured it was better to post something rather than nothing.

I hope that over the next few weeks work will even out and I’ll work out better ways to balance it all, and find time to sit down and put my thoughts to paper. Until that next post, with any luck next week, I’ll leave you with this photo that I took on the way home from a lesson out in the country. May it relax you as much as it relaxed me to be there.

Sunset over a lake

Sunset over a lake

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