On to svenska

I’m sitting here staring out the window, and then at the calendar on my phone trying to recall what I’ve been doing these past two weeks. It would seem quite a lot, there are many events and excursions listed, but nothing that I’ve felt would justify an update on it’s own. 

I suppose the main theme lately has been the gradual slide into Autumn. Each day dawns slightly later and ends slightly earlier. Each excursion out into the world required an extra beanie or thicker scarf. When I tell people that I’ve never experienced a European winter (a ‘real’ winter in  other words) their faces cloud over with pity, as if I just said I was allergic to cake. I don’t dare ask how bad can it be, in case they tell me. 
The slow run up has at least given me beautiful scenes of autumn leaves and bare trees, and more joy at seeing blue skies than I’ve ever had before.

Autumn in the forest

So today (the day after I started this post) I went to my first Swedish class. It is a big class (40ish), many people are from Syria (not a coincidence?) and the current grade should take 12 weeks. The following one another 12 weeks, and then 18 weeks on top of that to bring me up to University level. That’s almost a year, and while my mind boggles with that I recall that this is the intensive class. So from now on I will be a-charging through svenska, taking in as much as I can and no longer living the life of sort-of leisure. It’s what I’ve wanted, so here goes.
The next post will probably be after the upcoming trip to Istanbul, so will be full of travelling, photos and colour. Oh, and history, obviously.

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